Friday, 26 April 2013

A Special Day Gran Fondo L'eroica Beechworth

We came we saw we suffered. We rode the Strada Biancha in our Woollen Jerseys and our pre 1987 bikes to the sound of tyre on gravel and creeking metal. Pushing hard against sand and dirt and fuelled by red wine , salami and cheese. We stopped on many occassion to take in our surroundings and gather our strength. Humbled but not defeated.
We take our hats off and salute you, until next year,  when we will return wiser and better prepared for battle.

A few pics of the day and a short Video shot from our bike cam. Our only complaint would be that there where not more competitors on the day. Hopefully we can change this for next years event.

L'eroica Gran Fondo Beechworth 2013 from KRESCYCLES on Vimeo.

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